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    With the acceleration of people's life rhythm, elevators have become more and more people's choices, especially the comfort requirements of elevators are also increasing day by day, and as elevator air conditioners dedicated to elevator cars and dedicated
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    In general, the working principles of elevator-specific air conditioners and household air conditioners are basically similar, but there are indeed some differences between the two, as follows:
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    nd there should be no condensed water directly discharged into the elevator shaft. In order to solve this problem, the elevator air conditioner generally uses the second evaporation method to re-evaporate the condensed water to maintain the installation e
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    Cool in the hot summer and warm in the cold winter. Because of its unique temperature adjustment function, the air conditioner quickly enters every household and becomes an indispensable electrical appliance in people's lives because of its unique tempera
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    The cooling effect of the elevator air conditioner is affected by many factors. Consider the following factors, and select the specifications and models with appropriate cooling capacity:
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    Elevator air conditioner is a special type of air conditioner installed on the car to draw air from the elevator shaft. So how should the elevator air conditioner be maintained daily? Let me give you a brief introduction.
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