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    How to maintain Shiding elevator air conditioner
    Update time:2020-07-30 Hits:903

    Elevator air conditioner is a special type of air conditioner installed on the car to draw air from the elevator shaft. So how should the elevator air conditioner be maintained daily? Let me give you a brief introduction.

     1. Regularly (1 month) clean the filter of the air conditioner every day! After washing the filter with clean water, dry the water before reinstalling it, (do not use any corrosive things to clean the filter). rot;

      2. It is necessary to find a professional to disassemble the air conditioner for overall cleaning and maintenance before summer. Due to the environment of the elevator shaft, the evaporator and condenser of the air conditioner will easily accumulate dust for long-term air circulation, which will affect the cooling effect and the heat dissipation of the condensed water. Therefore, the customer must arrange for regular cleaning and maintenance by special personnel, which is not covered by the air conditioner warranty. )

    3. Dismantling and cleaning: disassemble the air conditioner unit, move it out of the elevator car top to find an open place, first remove the front shell of the air conditioner, and then slowly drag the rear shell away, after taking out the inner unit of the air conditioner, clean the unit with special cleaning fluid for air conditioner Clean the air conditioner condenser, evaporator, motor, fan fins, and then install back the rear shell and the front shell. (Be careful not to soak the main control parts of the air conditioner, such as the main board capacitor circuit, etc., during the cleaning process.) When cleaning, you must use a special cleaner for air conditioners to clean at high pressure and dry it with a dry soft cloth.

       4. Check and clean to ensure that the air inlet and outlet are unblocked; remove the air-conditioning dust filter, rinse it with water, and then dry it with a soft cloth. Then put the air-conditioning host back in place and reinforce it.

       5. Check whether there is refrigerant leakage at the interface of the refrigerant pipeline of the air conditioner.

      6. ??Check whether the air conditioner's operating sound is normal, whether the air-conditioning fan motor and compressor are running normally, whether the evaporator and condenser are damaged; whether the condensate is of normal equivalent and whether there is leakage.

       7. Check whether the air conditioner bracket is loose.

       8. Check whether the insulation pipe, air outlet, return air pipe, return air outlet are damaged and dew; if the cable tie is loose.

    9. After thorough cleaning and maintenance of the elevator air conditioner, the power consumption of the elevator air conditioner will be reduced by more than 15%, the cooling effect can pass a good standard, and the cleaned air conditioner will produce condensed water during the cooling process. The heat dissipation and evaporation process can be carried out normally, and the condensed water will not flow out of the car roof.

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