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    How to choose the right model of elevator air conditioner
    Update time:2020-07-30 Hits:955

    (1) The cooling effect of the elevator air conditioner is affected by many factors. Consider the following factors, and select the specifications and models with appropriate cooling capacity:

       1. Installation factors

      (1) Choice of installation location of air conditioner;

       (2) The location and size of the air outlet and return air outlet of the air conditioner;

       (3) The length of the duct and duct;

       (4) Whether the air duct is smooth.

      2. Factors of use environment

      (1) The tightness of the elevator car;

      (2) The switching frequency of the elevator car door;

       (3) The size of the passenger flow of the elevator;

      (4) Whether there is central air conditioning in the elevator environment;

       (5) The ambient temperature in the elevator shaft;

      (6) The degree of sunlight exposure of the sightseeing elevator;

      (7) The temperature sensitivity and requirements of passengers.

      3. How to select

      (1) Reference standard

      ■ For passenger elevators below 1600Kg or sightseeing elevators below 1000Kg, it is recommended to use "Shiding" SD-25/T single cooling or SDR-25/DT heating and cooling model elevator air conditioners.

      ■ For passenger elevators of 1600Kg and above or sightseeing elevators of 1000Kg and above, it is recommended to use "Shiding" SD-32/T single cooling or SDR-32/DT heating and cooling models of large cooling capacity elevator air conditioners.

      ■ Because the temperature in the sightseeing elevator car is much higher than that in the passenger elevator, especially the temperature difference in the severe western drying situation is greater, so we need to choose the elevator air conditioner according to the actual situation, and it is best to increase a specification model.

      (2) When customers refer to the model selection, they should also comprehensively consider various environmental factors according to the specific use environment, and make suitable model adjustments. Such as office buildings with very large passenger flow, it is best to increase the model number.

      (3) If your power supply is not standard 220VAC/50Hz, it is recommended that you and our technicians choose a customized model.

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