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    How to choose the right elevator air conditioner
    Update time:2020-07-30 Hits:965

    Cool in the hot summer and warm in the cold winter. Because of its unique temperature adjustment function, the air conditioner quickly enters every household and becomes an indispensable electrical appliance in people's lives because of its unique temperature regulation function, cooling when it is hot, and heating when it is cold, creating a comfortable environment like spring for people.

    With the continuous progress of social economy and the gradual acceleration of the pace of people’s lives, the continuous expansion and development of high-rise buildings in real life, elevators have become one of the common facilities in our lives, especially in commercial centers, major shopping malls, hotels, Hospitals and high-rise residential buildings are all inseparable from elevators, and its existence also brings people a lot of convenience. The elevator car is a relatively closed space. Therefore, when passengers take the elevator, they will feel very stuffy in the hot summer, and in the cold winter, they will feel wet and cold. The elevator air-conditioning system is based on solving the problem of passengers taking the elevator. It is designed to provide passengers with a comfortable riding environment.

       But as a complex electrical appliance, elevator air conditioners have many indexes and performances that make the public confused. For those who are not familiar with elevator air conditioners, there will be big or small troubles. In addition, not every elevator air conditioner is the same. It is necessary to decide which elevator air conditioner to choose according to different needs. So how can we choose a suitable elevator air conditioner? What are the relevant parameters for the selection? I hope that through the sharing here, everyone can have a better understanding of elevator air conditioners.

    First: Choose a ladder-type air conditioner that matches the elevator load: The elevator carrying weight is less than 1350 kg, and the elevator carrying weight is ≥1350 kg. 1350 kg is the demarcation point of the elevator carrying weight. The difference between lower and higher loads must be found. The type of elevator air conditioning. Generally, the elevator has a limited load, which means that the load must not be exceeded. This will not only affect the operating efficiency of the elevator, shorten the service life of the elevator, and may also cause danger. Therefore, when choosing an elevator air conditioner, you must first choose this load. The demarcation point is used to select the matching ladder.

    Second: According to the area of ??the elevator space to choose the appropriate cooling (heating) air conditioning products: 2500 W and 3500 W are the existing conventional cooling and heating values, generally need to choose the appropriate cooling capacity according to the size of the elevator car In cold places or according to your own needs, you can also choose elevator air conditioners with heating function. An air conditioner with insufficient cooling capacity not only cannot provide sufficient cooling effect, but also due to uninterrupted operation for a long time, it will also shorten the service life of the air conditioner and increase the possibility of air conditioner failure; then choose an air conditioner with greater cooling capacity Will it be better? In fact, it is not. In fact, if the cooling capacity of the air conditioner is too large, the thermostat of the air conditioner will be turned on and off too frequently, which will lead to increasing wear and tear on the air conditioner compressor. Will cause the continuous increase of air conditioning power consumption.

    Third: Choose the applicable elevator air conditioner according to the circulating air volume (m3/h) of the air conditioner: usually the air conditioner has the air volume, and there must be the return air volume, and the size of this air volume is related to the elevator space, in a certain elevator space Inside, there must be a certain proportional coefficient relationship between the air outlet volume and the return air volume to ensure that there will be no condensation and evaporative atomization in the elevator, resulting in water leakage. Specifically, the elevator air conditioner is installed on the top of the elevator car, and the ambient temperature on the car top is much higher than the normal outdoor temperature. It includes the heating of the elevator and the air conditioning equipment itself, and the enclosed elevator car. The heat conduction in the ceiling, the solar radiation heat, the infiltration wind and the fresh air heat through the gap, etc.; if the circulating air volume of the air conditioner is too small, the return air volume will also be small, which will inevitably cause a small air circulation in the car ceiling. Affect the refrigeration effect, and also form condensate, which will affect the normal use of the elevator. Therefore, in order to ensure a dry air conditioner installation environment, it is necessary to select an air conditioner with a suitable circulating air volume.

    Fourth: Choose the elevator air conditioner of the appropriate size according to the actual size of the elevator car roof: Normally, elevator air conditioners are usually installed on the elevator car, but in fact, the position of many elevator car tops is different. Installation is much more complicated than household air conditioners. If installed improperly, abnormal noise, dripping, poor cooling, etc. will occur at any time; in addition, the length, width, and height of the elevator air conditioner also mean the weight of the air conditioner. This parameter often has a great influence on the elevator; therefore, you must refer to the actual position of the elevator car top before purchasing an elevator air conditioner.

    Fifth: Choose a good quality elevator air conditioner according to the performance index of the air conditioner: use the famous brand compressor, because the compressor is the heart of the air conditioner, a good heart is very important; high-quality and efficient heat exchangers, evaporators, condensers , Shell plating parts and other materials also need to be taken into consideration; it also needs to have functions such as time switch and fresh air. Because the elevator car is sealed on all sides, it is in a relatively sealed environment. If the elevator is fully loaded, many people will easily cause damage. Secondary pollution, so be sure to choose a new air function that is uniquely designed according to the requirements for human health (that is, extract air from the elevator shaft, and send fresh air into the car by means of new air), especially suitable for high-end hotels, institutions, and hospitals , Office buildings, residential buildings and other public places elevators.

    Sixth: Choose the appropriate elevator air conditioner according to the elevator's environmental requirements and usage requirements: Because different buildings have different actual requirements, it is recommended to use the building's requirements as the premise, some requirements must have a timer switch function, and some requirements must There is a constant temperature setting, some require environmental protection and health, and some require high efficiency and energy saving, etc. Therefore, when facing the question of how to choose an elevator air conditioner, it is necessary to fully consider the actual demand function of the elevator.

    In summary, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding and understanding of elevator air conditioners. In short, we need to always keep in mind that elevator safety is a crucial matter, and elevator air conditioners are closely connected with elevator safety. In-depth understanding and cognition are our first prerequisites before purchasing.

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