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    Working principle of elevator air conditioner
    Update time:2020-07-30 Hits:920

    Air conditioning is the abbreviation of air conditioning, which is an engineering technology through which cooling, dehumidification, heating, humidification, ventilation, purification and other adjustment processes can be carried out to obtain a fresh and comfortable air environment. The elevator air conditioner is installed on the elevator car, and there should be no condensed water directly discharged into the elevator shaft. In order to solve this problem, the elevator air conditioner generally uses the second evaporation method to re-evaporate the condensed water to maintain the installation environment. dry. In addition, in order not to affect the normal use of the elevator, the current elevator air conditioners basically operate by themselves by pulling the accompanying cables to prepare enough power.

       The working principle of the elevator special air conditioner is basically similar to that of the household air conditioner. Generally, the vapor compression refrigeration method is adopted, which is mainly composed of a compressor, a condenser, a capillary tube, an evaporator, and auxiliary equipment. After the elevator air conditioner is energized, under cooling conditions, the compressor compresses the low-pressure and low-temperature refrigerant vapor into high-pressure and high-temperature vapor and then discharges it to the condenser. At the same time, the axial fan on the outdoor side sucks in outdoor air and forces it to flow through the condenser. Take away the heat released by the refrigerant, and make the high-pressure refrigerant vapor be condensed into a high-pressure liquid, passing through the capillary refrigeration throttling element and entering the evaporator, causing the refrigerant liquid to evaporate into a gas at the corresponding low pressure, while absorbing the latent heat of vaporization; At the same time, the air flowing through the evaporator is cooled under the action of the centrifugal fan, and the cold air is blown into the room by the centrifugal fan to achieve the cooling effect; in addition, the indoor air is sucked in by the fan through the return air filter, so that the indoor air continues to circulate repeatedly, Promote the indoor temperature to fall within the required temperature range, and finally achieve the purpose of cooling.

       Schematic diagram of elevator air conditioning system

       1, diffuser 2, air conditioner casing 3, evaporator 4, compressor 5, filter

      6, capillary tube 7, condenser 8, axial fan 9, motor 10, centrifugal fan

      11, the pool of water

    In the cooling process, since the surface temperature of the evaporator is generally lower than the dew point temperature of the indoor air being cooled, the water vapor in the air will condense into water droplets during operation and continuously flow out from the surface of the evaporator, so in order to prevent condensation The water droplets drip into the elevator shaft and will be treated by the method of secondary evaporation, that is, the condensed water will flow into the drip pan, and the condensed water will be thrown out by the axial fan and used to cool the condenser. At the same time, it will be heated to form water vapor. The fan is blown into the elevator shaft to ensure a dry and safe installation and use environment.

       In addition, the current elevator air conditioners on the market generally can achieve related settings such as on-off time, operating mode, fresh air, and constant temperature, and can be customized according to different elevator types. In addition, elevator air conditioners are uniquely designed in accordance with the requirements of modern society for human health. The air is drawn from the elevator shaft, and fresh air is delivered to the car by way of fresh air. Now it is widely used in various passenger elevators, medical elevators, sightseeing elevators, etc. It is especially suitable for important public places such as high-end hotels, institutions, hospitals, office buildings, etc. It can effectively avoid and prevent secondary pollution caused by occupants exhaling air with pathogenic bacteria or attaching to the dust filter after being inhaled by air conditioners. In conclusion, the elevator air conditioner is a device used to improve the comfort of the environment in the car. It can adjust the temperature, humidity, airflow and purified air of the air in the car to ensure that the air in the car is clean.

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