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    The difference between elevator air conditioner and household air conditioner
    Update time:2020-07-30 Hits:953

    In general, the working principles of elevator-specific air conditioners and household air conditioners are basically similar, but there are indeed some differences between the two, as follows:

    1. From the perspective of positioning: household air conditioners are designed for family residences, generally used in rooms and living rooms, and have a larger use space; while elevator air conditioners are specially designed for elevator cars, and the applicable space is relatively small. ;

    2. From the aspect of the appearance system composition: household air conditioners are usually one for one, that is, an outdoor unit corresponds to an indoor unit, such as a split unit and a cabinet unit; while the elevator air conditioner has only one host (ie, integrated air conditioner) , All components are installed in a host;

    3. In terms of capacity: household air conditioners are usually small 1hp/1hp/1.5hp/2hp/2.5hp/3hp and above and other various specifications and models of different sizes, which can be used from small rooms to large living rooms; Elevator air conditioners generally only have small specifications such as 1hp/1hp/1.5hp, and the use space is small;

    4. From the perspective of installation: In addition to installing indoor units, household air conditioners also need to drill holes in the wall for installation of pipe connections to outdoor units, which will damage the overall structure of the house and affect the aesthetics of architectural decoration; while elevator air conditioners are installed in the car. The top of the box needs to be equipped with a dedicated cable for use, generally connecting the air inlet and outlet and the panel, and the installation is relatively simple;

    5. In terms of functions and features: household air conditioners are relatively expensive, but the cooling capacity and air supply volume are relatively large, the noise is low, there are fixed speed and frequency conversion, and individual energy saving, low carbon and other functional designs are also more It can be freely selected and can be applied to large and small rooms; while the price of elevator air conditioners is relatively cheap, but the cooling capacity and air supply volume are small, and the noise is large. Generally, there are only fixed speeds, not many functions, and suitable for small spaces;

    6. From the perspective of environmental protection technology: the air volume circulation of household air conditioners is only for the indoor air circulation, and the function of changing the fresh air is rarely used; while the elevator air conditioner reduces the indoor air temperature while sucking it into the car. Fresh air, to ensure the exchange with the air in the car, to avoid the occurrence of "air-conditioning disease" of users. This new air duct design will prevent the indoor temperature from dropping very low;

    7. In terms of warranty and use time: household air conditioners are generally warranted for 5 years, generally only used for 3 to 4 months in summer, and used for 5 to 8 hours a day, which is about 5 to 10 years. Some of them are also properly maintained. It can be used for 15 years; the elevator air conditioner is generally guaranteed for 1 year, because its use environment is poor, and the temperature outside the elevator car is very high, especially the temperature outside the elevator car can be as high as 60 degrees or more, and the temperature difference is too large. It will be used 24 hours a day, all year round. This use environment and frequency will greatly affect the service life of the elevator air conditioner. Generally, it will be used for about 2 to 3 years. If the daily maintenance is appropriate and the use environment is better, it can be used for 3~ 5 years.

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