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    Analysis and treatment of common failures of elevator air-conditioning
    Update time:2020-07-30 Hits:1411

    With the acceleration of people's life rhythm, elevators have become more and more people's choices, especially the comfort requirements of elevators are also increasing day by day, and as elevator air conditioners dedicated to elevator cars and dedicated to improving the comfort of elevator cars It is even more concerned by everyone.

      However, some common glitches occur more or less in the daily use of air conditioners, and elevator air conditioners, as a complex electrical appliance, are now poorly understood by many people. Here are some brief descriptions of the knowledge of common faults that elevator air conditioners can handle by themselves, as follows:

       (1) Trouble phenomenon: elevator air conditioner does not start

       Reasons: 1. Is it down?

      2. Is the car top power plug plugged in or disconnected?

      3. Is the power switch of the computer room disconnected?

      4. Is the voltage normal? (198V~2042V)

       5. Is the remote control set to turn on and off at a time?

       6. The power supply has overheated or the wire protection cover has broken?

      (2) Trouble phenomenon: The elevator air conditioner has poor cooling effect, and the air conditioner is running normally at this time

       Reasons: 1. Is the air outlet of the air conditioner blocked or blocked?

      2. Is the return air filter clogged with too much dust?

      3. Is there too much dust in the evaporator and condenser of the air conditioner?

      (3) Trouble phenomenon: The elevator air conditioner has no cooling effect, that is, the fan of the air conditioner works, and the compressor does not work

       Reasons: 1. Is the set temperature close to the ambient temperature?

      2. Is the setting in the air supply state?

      (4) Trouble phenomenon: frequent startup and shutdown of elevator air-conditioning compressor

       Reasons: 1. Is the power supply voltage stable?

      2. Is it set to dehumidification?

      3. Is there too much dust in the evaporator and condenser of the air conditioner? The compressor is thermally protected, and the compressor is automatically shut down with a delay of 5 to 10 minutes, resulting in frequent compressor startup and shutdown.

      4. Does the temperature of the car reach the set temperature of the remote control?

      (5) Failure phenomenon: The remote control of the elevator air conditioner cannot be controlled

       Reasons: 1. Check whether the battery voltage of the remote control is sufficient? (Otherwise, you need to replace the new battery)

      2. Is the air conditioner interfered by abnormal signals? (At this time, you only need to cut off the power supply, and the normal operation can be restored after the power is reconnected)

      (6) Failure phenomenon: water dripping from elevator air conditioner

       Reasons: 1. Is insulation cotton attached to the air outlet of the air conditioner? Is the insulation treatment in place?

      2. Is the air conditioner level?

      3. Is the position of the air outlet duct or return duct of the air conditioner moved?

      4. When the air conditioner is cooling, misty cold air may sometimes emerge from the air outlet. This is because the car's air is cold and heat exchanged and quickly cooled. You can add heat preservation at the junction of the air outlet.

      (7) Trouble phenomenon: When the elevator air conditioner is running, the noise is loud

       Reasons: 1. Is the air conditioner fixed loose?

      2. Is the installation place of the compressor loose?

      3. Is the air conditioning installation level?

       Through the above-mentioned specific analysis and inspection of the causes of common failures of elevator air conditioners, the corresponding troubleshooting methods can be obtained. Of course, the above can only reflect a certain local state, because the various parts of the air conditioner are mutually influencing and related to each other, that is to say, a failure phenomenon may have multiple failure causes, and a failure cause There may also be a variety of air-conditioning failures; therefore, when dealing with problems, you must conduct a detailed comprehensive analysis of various failure factors and make more comparisons, and you need to carefully observe the working conditions of each system part of the air-conditioning system. , Listen more carefully to the operating sound of the compressor and fan when the air conditioner is running, and if necessary, use related instruments to check the relevant performance parameters and status of the air conditioner, so as to accurately determine the nature and specific location of the air conditioner failure. Solve the problem of malfunction of elevator air conditioner.

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