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  • 1P single cooling universal air conditioning
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    Product features

    1. No dripping design, multiple gasification treatment of condensed water, effectively prevent water overflow; High efficiency heat insulation air supply hose, no condensation on the outer surface;

    2. Low noise, international famous brand compressor, strong refrigeration, low noise, small power consumption, stable performance, meet the requirements of GB4706.32-1996, GB7588-1995 and GB/T10058-1977;

    3. Health and environmental protection, multi-layer defense purification device, effectively remove the stale air in the car; With static pressure collection, sterilization, mildew proof, deodorant, fresh air and other functions;

    4. High efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, production in strict accordance with the national industry standards, through the cage remote control, easy to operate;

    5, independent power supply design, from the machine room is equipped with special accompanying cable, does not interfere with the elevator system and lighting system electricity, and is equipped with power off protection function;

    6. Automatic constant temperature saves energy. Can reduce the loss of cold air and air volume, no refrigerant leakage; Strong air supply system design, even air supply, enough cooling, so that the cage is quiet and comfortable;

    7. Integrated design, compact volume, simple installation, easy cleaning and maintenance, will not affect the repair and maintenance of elevators, suitable for all kinds of elevators. The unique circular and curved tuyere design can make full use of the original tuyere on the car roof to achieve perfect harmony;

    8. Strong selectivity. For different car loads and different car environments, the company has developed 1 cold type, 1.5 cold type, 1 cold warm type and 1.5 cold warm type air conditioners.

    9, after-sales service, perfect after-sales service guarantee, free warranty for one year, lifetime maintenance, professional engineering team to provide you with 24 hours of satisfactory service, so that you have no worries;

    10, suitable for government offices, hospitals, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, business buildings, office buildings, high-end residential and other brands of elevator.

    To install an overview

    U The main engine of air conditioning can be fixed on the beam through the bracket or directly fixed on the roof of the car;

    U The cool air is delivered to the car through the original fan outlet of the elevator (remove the original fan of the elevator), or the air outlet is opened according to the roof and ceiling structure of the elevator, and the heat insulation hose is delivered to the car;

    U The air return port shall be opened on the top of the elevator car, and the heat insulation ventilation hose shall be used to return air from the elevator car;

    U Heat insulation shall be done in the top layer of the car to prevent condensation;

    U introduce the remote receiving line into the car and fix it.

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